Google Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics (GA) gives you insights into who your users are, where they came from, and what they did on your site.

This can give you important information on which to make better marketing decisions and create more relevant, compelling strategies . Find out more about GA here.

However, it’s important your Google Analytics account is both set up correctly and optimised to give you the most relevant and accurate data possible. With over 6 years as a certified Google Analytics partner, I offer the following services to help you improve your Google Analytics tracking.

  • Google Analytics Audits – From grouping relevant content to setting up filters make sure your GA account, properties and views are set up correctly and optimised to give you the most accurate and useful data possible.

  • Support & Training – Provide training into how to best use GA to get the insights you need.

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With over 6 years’ experience in digital marketing working as a strategist for agencies and freelancing to local and international businesses, I’ve learnt what does and doesn’t work in many industries contexts. I specialise in offering businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups a transparent, reliable and honest service free from the all too familiar marketing buzzwords.
Jamie Frere-Smith
Founder & CEO

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